Piaggio Porter

New Porter MultiTech: product improvements
MultiTech, multi fuel engine
Bifuel LPG
Bifuel CNG (starting Y2011)
More Power & Torque
-20% CO2 emissions
All new, all advantages powertrain

ABS + EBD brake systems (Porter only, TBD on Maxxi)
No brake lock in panic stops
Self-adapting brake distribution according to load conditions
A new level of safety for Porter

13-inch wheels
More stability
Better shock absorbing
Better roadholding
Increased comfort & safety

Tinted glass windshield and side windows (Oct ’10) Reduced cabin temperature
Reduced sunlight glare
Increased comfort & safety

New seats / doors upholstery (Oct ’10)
More resistant
Easy to wash
Good looks, easier to keep good

New matte silver linings
Distinctive styling touch
New vehicle easily recognized